Wednesday, September 16, 2015

one of my longest... post 1 of 4

so here is what has been consuming ALL my time.... a while ago a friend noticed that i had been pinning quiet book ideas.  the plan was to make one for t for her bday (which never got done by the way) so c asked if i was making or just thinking... i said if you can wait (cause i had other orders that needed to get done 1st at the time) that i would make one for her youngest. (SO sorry c that it took so long... i promise i worked on it all that i could and as fast as i could) it was fun finding ideas on pinterest and etsy.  even making my own patterns for some of the pages.  

here are the 1st four pages.  

what little girl wouldn't love to be able to spell her name and learn to recognize the letters 
in her name?  

so the bee with all the yellow cording behind him has to go thru all the numbers correctly 
to get to his hive.

the color of the rainbow with a few ribbons. 

she can learn the shapes name along with the shape.

 i made a pocket for the pieces to go into, BUT remembering from my youth and quiet books, pieces can get lost... so i decided that i would attach most of the piece to the page.  its hard to keep track of things when you are little (heck its still hard some days) 

stay tuned for more but i didn't want this to be a HUGE post.  

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