Tuesday, March 29, 2016

name change and blog move

hay all!  i decided to change my name.  back when i stated doing this craft stuff, i had a bit more variety in my sale offerings.  i have since made changes & am focusing more on just baby/toddler items.  you can head on over to my new blog to continue following me and all that i do.  
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Monday, January 4, 2016

christmas 3 of???

way back when (i think pry 2002) i decided to make a quilt for my nephew & niece.  i wanted them to each have something that they can say 'aunt kelly made that for me'   she got a cute ladybug & flower quilt, he got a farm themed quilt to remind him of grandma & grandpa's place.  as i got more nephews they each eventually got a quilt for christmas.  there has been a husker 'n' quilt, construction quilt, sports quilt, and a railroad quilt.  last year it was a fun circle quilt for my niece. 
this is c-dub's quilt.  number 8 of 11-so far. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

christmas 2 of ????

each year i make an ornament for my kids (all 6 of them now), my nephews & nieces (SO happy i get to say nieces now not just niece) and other family members/friends.  its something that i remember as a child my great aunt doing.  it was always so fun to see what we got each year.  i think that many were homemade, & many were a moose-her maiden name was moose! and each year mom would write down on sheet of paper in each of our ornament boxes who gave us each ornament for the year.  now that i have my own family, i have my list so that i can add to it.  i have also started a list for each of my kids & their own ornament box.  some day i hope that they do the same.  

Monday, December 28, 2015

christmas 1st of ???

wow.  it has been a while.  i promise i was busy.  but when you are making gifts for christmas and people who are receiving these gifts read this..... i dont like ruining surprises.
i dont know what i was thinking when picking out the hardware for our kitchen.  maybe that is the problem, i wasnt thinking.  too many decisions to be made!  but i didnt pick our drawer pull that you can wrap your hand around.  so for the past four years we have had to deal with all dish towels falling off of the dishwasher & oven handles.  stinks having to pick them up all the time.  big a really doesnt like it.  i am sure i had seen these before and dont know why it took so long for the light bulb to go off.  i got some towels and tried some for our house 1st.  it was awesome!!!  and was pretty sure that some people in my family had the same issue as we did with the drawer pulls.  the hardest part was finding nice kitchen towels. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

a little yard work before winter

i never really wanted the black plastic stuff to separate the rock around the house and the grass.  i dont like it.  but at the time, i didnt have much of a choice.  limited on time and i didnt know for sure what i wanted.  fast forward 4 years in this house and pinterest.  i found the perfect thing to separate them.  but again time was an issue.  so i had a local guy come and do most of it for me.  i just had to move rock away so that it would be easier to dig.

  this picture doesnt show, but we also have a rock bed FULL of spanish moss roses.  i love them, i dont ahve to water & they give some color.  the kids love picking the flowers for me too.  but i was liking having to step on or around them to get to the water spouts on the house.  so off i went to town to get me some flagstone.  this should work nicely i think!

but my FAVORITE part is the gutter down spouts.  we have a dog (used to have 2) and said dog(s) like to chase rabbits.  (we have them more now that there is a bit of shelter for them to hide in with the shelter belt we have started) rabbits like to hide after they have ran for a bit.  and what better spot than up my gutters??? did that stop my dog(s)??? NO NO NO.  and these werent just any gutters.  my grandpa cut some heavy duty galvanized big boys for me. off came the gutters to get those dang rabbits.  there are teeth marks in them from dog(s) chewing trying to get to the rabbit.  plus we had to have them staked down with the lovely nebraska winter winds.  so when i saw this idea on pinterest i knew it was perfect for us.   sorry bunnies.

and while i had someone do the BIG project around the house, i figured i could do the little one around the water hydrant.  and i did!  and after 3 long years and i dont know how many loads i finally killed the river rock pile in the driveway.  all but 2 loads i moved around the house.  that was a lot of rock! by the end i sure got good at backing the trailer behind the mower so i could dump.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#3 and final post of quiet book

last pages of the quiet book... 
i can remember buttoning items onto our quiet books when i was younger.  and what could be more fun than matching a fabric gumball to the button?

puzzles.  i think this was the 2nd page (well set) that i made.  there are 3 different puzzles to complete-flower, butterfly and heart.  each has their own pocket to be tucked into when not in use. i got the idea for the gumball and puzzle pages from 

zip, buckle and snap... all kids want to learn how to do 'big' things themselves.  

and then the cover.  i did this last cause i wanted to make sure that i made it big enough.  while had an idea of how big it needed to be, i wasnt sure how thick the pages would be laying on top of each other.  and that was the measurement i was concerned about.  i added about 2" to the final addition of the height & length (times 2) so there would be a bit of cover overhang. Then  i had to find the middle of the cover and the ribbon i used for the binding so that they could be sewn together and turned right side out.  

you can kind of see how i sewed the ribbon down leaving a channel for the binder ring to go thru.  then i put a ribbon all around the outside of the cover with magnets in the ends to close the book.  with the cover all done, it was time to loop the pages onto the binder rings and then thru the book binding.  

hope you enjoy your quiet book t!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

quiet book part 2 of 4 (maybe 5)

next 4 pages 

so i go the lace & tie my shoes patterns from a great blog
the hard part was finding shoe lace.  these are still a bit big, but it was the best i could do.  

the pie page looked too cute to not do.  and while i know i have never done a lattice weave pie crust, i had fun weaving this pie crust. 
pattern found here

this one, i used inspiration from my sisters quiet book.  i remember moving those beads up and down as a child.  p arranged the flower beads for me before i put them on the ribbon.  

every girl needs to know how to braid.  at least in my family.  point in case, i taught my niece how to french braid while they were here for a weekend stay this summer.  keep practicing k!